21.10.21 9.11pm

What kind of problems did i or others i know face in the past 24 hours that can be eased from an standpoint of digital humanities? My research in the past 24 hours shows that there are many many areas in which we evolve everyday there are more than 40 subjects that fall into the category "Geisteswissenschaften" and even more in the other categories we use to structure and divide our basic data in so we can determine which is which And each area has their own problems but the main problem in my opinion (as far as I am in my research currently) is communication Communication is already really hard when you communicate with just one other human but communicating within different subjects when the other person does not know what you are talking about is almost impossible One main problem of scientists and ingenieurs and computer scientists is (also all my subjektiv opinion) that there is a certain pathway things are and have to be they are bound to the laws of nature in their thinking in their acting and in everything else What I can do in the next 24 hours Digital Humanities could partially provide solutions for those to particular problems (I will make an graphic explaining this in tomorrows diary enerty) also looking for more problems on both sides and looking more into digital humanities itself to see which answers are provided for questions I may have never asked