26.10.21 6.36 pm

What kind of problems did i or other i know face in the past 24 that can be eased with the standpoint of digital humanities?

-> in today┬┤s class we have encountered the problem of digatalization picking us up at the wrong end so how can we ease out the problem of of people not being on the same lvl or same page?

-> how important is digitalization ? and how important is it that we teach each generation to work with the digitalized things?

-> programming itself is not the problem but more a general understanding of digitalazation?

-> but where to start? -> older generation problems with digitalazation (e.g.our teachers not being able to use a whiteboard or beamer and having to ask us for help)-> so shouldnt we at least try and tach a little understanding of pc and other basic programms?

-> but not only work with programms but a basic understanding of what programming is and how it works not the specific programms but what a code does and what the basic soft- and hardware do