About Plugmatic Plugin

This plugin queries the origin server for information about installed plugins. Server administrators can install new or updated existing plugins from included inventories.


See Managing Lists of Plugins for creating and sharing lists of plugins that work well together.

See More about Plugmatic Plugin for details regarding system administration.

# Markup

Markup lines may include a full plugin name or a keyword. Keywords select columns and column order for reporting properties of each plugin.

Say STATUS for a traffic light indicating install options.

Say NAME for the plugin name, sans wiki-plugin- prefix.

Say MENU for Factory menu category, blank if unlisted.

Say PAGES for count of about pages, blank if none.

Say SERVICE for months installed, blank if absent or core.

Say BUNDLED for version in wiki, blank if not bundled.

Say INSTALLED for version now installed, blank if absent.

Say PUBLISHED for version posted to npm, blank if none.

Click on any of these columns to bring up a dialog of related information. Press shift and hover over any row to refresh the dialog with information for a different plugin.

If no columns are requested a default list will be provided. Both STATUS and PUBLISHED require slow queries of npm so these are avoided except when specific plugins are inventoried.