About This Idea

It was in the summer of 2022 on a community call that the idea of adding property graphs came to wiki. We tried many things. But "schema" based ad-hoc authoring of small graphs in the sphere of organizing-for-change seemed fundamental.

We have created 30 experiments building and using property graphs on wiki pages. We're beginning to see complementary workflows building on the work so far.

By the fall of 2022 we thought it would be fun to build a stand-alone app to show this discovery outside of the slow and careful wiki workflows. We wanted something faster. We ended up with very fast when we chose to build this app on Croquet. site

We provide an assembly theory inspired reaction vessel where low-index concepts can be drawn from a real-time beam, reconciled, visualized, selected, and returned to the beam as time advances. wikipedia

We've grown into the particle accelerator terminology. The Beam is the shared resource maintained by the users and tapped off for experiments without expectation except to be surprised.

Of course we have not given up on wiki. We're using it now for this documentation. Everything we discover here will find its way back into wiki one way or another.

The Collaborator was born of federated wiki experiences with property graphs. Here we reflect on similarities and differences and how the latter might improve the former.

Hardly a day goes by that we don't add some new twist or note some surprising consequence of our choices.