Agile Mindset

Once someone has had the experience of Agile, they cannot unsee it, cannot unfeel it.

The Agile mindset is defined by Creative Curiosity. It is a path of discovery that is led by questions which start with "What if...?"

It's a mindset that is defined by Confident Courage to walk into the unknown. To know that to fail is not to be shamed and rejected, but an opportunity to understand a problem more deeply.

It's a mindset that embraces the experience of Joyful Hacking in a process of iterative learning.

The agile mindset underpins our new innovation economy, that which we must prepare our children for.

For the world they are walking into has far too much complexity for us to use our old way of thinking, our old way of bringing in the world. We must unleash our potential for creative thinking so that we can help cultivate the creative thinking of the next generation.

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