Wiki added casual utility to hypertext. Can it do the same for virtual reality? What if everyone has a couple of viewers laying around. What might I post on wiki that would lead you to pick a viewer up?

The WebXR Device API provides access to input (pose information from headset and controllers) and output (hardware display) capabilities commonly associated with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) devices. It allows you develop and host VR and AR experiences on the web.

.vrse file is like .st file; it is a file out format. .st file had !s and methodFor: and those stuff that are not meant for human to write.

What is the metaverse? It's an interconnected system of digital places which can be in VR, AR or 2D. Important aspects are the immersion, it feels like one shares the same space with other people. This feeling will probably be more pronounced in a VR or AR environment. Also, we want to be able to own digital assets and to bring those with us to other platforms.Big Tech is investing heavily.

This year (2021) the AR/VR Capstone class received a unique tutorial on getting started with the collaboration platform Croquet from founders and members of the Croquet team.

The 3D world that the user inhabits works via a “virtual machine operating within the browser,” according to the company — this is why it’s called an OS (operating system). A user enters the virtual world “from any URL or QR code […] using web, mobile or AR/VR devices.”

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