Audacious Aspiration

Change requires courage – innovation is not for the faint of heart. To be successful, one must become Comfortable being Uncomfortable.

To step out of our comfort zone, we have to have a compelling reason. We have to believe that there is something worth this risk, something bigger than us.

Something that we are doing for others, that can become a legacy that we leave behind. Something that gives our life meaning.

The aspiration is a statement that creates a Higher Purpose. It is something that is outrageous. That is important. That is worth the risk, knowing that if you do fail, you will fail gloriously.

We know in our hearts that we want to build a new learning culture that will unleash the Creative Genius of teachers and their students.

To fulfill this aspiration, we must not simply follow the path of others but we have to create an entirely new learning experience in our classrooms and beyond.

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