Croquet Fountain

We join a fountain session in progress. Press space bar to shoot more shapes into the simulation. croquet (broken?) HEIGHT 400

**Note**: Stops at (or after?) `Starting Rapier physics!` (see Console Log)

Our sandbox configuration isn't sufficient to run this app.

# Greenlight

We've extracted a working iframe from the greenlight application. croquet

<iframe id="iframe" class="boards-iframe no-select" src="" allow="camera; microphone; encrypted-media" sandbox="allow-forms allow-modals allow-orientation-lock allow-pointer-lock allow-presentation allow-same-origin allow-scripts" style="width: 100%; flex-grow: 10; border: 0px solid gray;"></iframe>

DOT FROM lambda-browsing


Ward — discord I have been showing off the fountain and explaining to others that the blocks fly through the air on their own but that when they collide that is an event that must be share so we see the same fountain behavior. I'm now coming to understand that the collisions themselves are predictable so no further communication is require to keep our bit-perfect simulations in sync. Is this true? This much is amazing. So then only when I inject additional blocks into the fountain do I need to share this injection event and that this is a simple event from which future collisions can be predicted. Have I got this all right now?

codefrau 🦩 — That is true. The only event sent via the reflector is your tap (or more generally, user input, and possibly external data sources, because everything else is deterministic)

yoshiki — As far as user events are concerned that is true, as Vanessa said, in addition there are a few other kinds of network traffic used. On the same socket the user events are sent, there are tick messages (30Hz for Fountain) sent from the reflector to advance the Logical Time. Snapshot is taken now and then and sent from one client to the server.